Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Apparently, I've been gone long enough to forget which buttons not to push on my computer while preparing to blog. I accidentally pressed return, and suddenly my title was published without any words to accompany it.

But as you might have guessed, I'm mixing blogging and merlot, so mistakes are bound to occur when one's judgement is slightly impaired. I'm celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary! And while I'm blogging, my husband is downstairs watching a baseball game.

Yup, we are a typical happily married couple.

And I really mean it. We are happy. I gave him an Ipod for the occasion, to make up for the pathetic birthday gift I did not give him two months ago. And although he genuinely seemed pleased, apparently I was more excited about the gift than he was. But that was because I spent four hours on Tuesday programming songs into his gift so that I wouldn't have to continue to share my Ipod with him when he goes to work out.

Yes, that is the secret to staying married--share only when absolutely necessary.

Ironically, just as we are celebrating the 5th year of our union, we find ourselves at that age when some of our friends are transitioning from a stage of married bliss. One of his friends who celebrated with us five years ago just got divorced. Other compatriots of mine are contemplating separation. And yet, we press on.

We are lucky because the secret to our marriage has been to stay true to who we were on the day we said "I do" (by the way, the vows technically require you to affirm "I will", but no matter...). I am still the same pain in the ass I was before we got married, and so is he. He hasn't changed, and in spite of myself, I have learned to live with him, warts and all. And I guess if you asked him, he would say the same thing.

I was listening to Chris Rock's most recent HBO special today and he had some interesting observations about marriage. Things change, and yes, marriage is terribly boring. I have endured dinner party conversations with other married folk about such riveting subjects as water heater repairs and dulahs. We probably had more sex before we got married (and yes, I am distracted by at least ten other things that seem more important). But I am happy because every night, I know where to find my husband and I have very little to worry about.

But as we celebrate this milestone, I am starting to worry about the next one, which is not another year of wedded bliss, but the increased frequency of the "when-are-you-going-to-have-children" queries. I think I need another five years to come up with a suitable response...


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