Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Feeling Misunderstood or Un-Appreciated Lately?

Good, tell me all about it. But in a minute, I need to get some things off my chest:

I have had it up to here (imagine that I am raising my hand above my head to reach six feet) with you needy people! You useless bunch of...


Everywhere I go, there you are. In my family. At my job. Across the street. Crowding my inbox. My life is full of needy people. I imagine myself swimming at the deep end of a pool surrounded by needy people, only I am not drowning in neediness because I am the only one who can swim.

And depite the fact that I have reached my daily recommended intake of neediness, I am not allowed to say what I really think. Just once, I want to look one of you little needles in the eye and respond after some typical heart-breaking outpouring, "not my problem." That would be so nice.

But no I can't do that because I have been cursed with an over-abundance of empathy which requires that I sit patiently and listen to all your tales of woe, then politely excuse myself later to retreat to my computer to vent my feelings:


There. All better now. You may proceed.

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