Sunday, June 18, 2006

Home at Last

I returned from my big fat Spanish vacation on Tuesday. In a word, fabulous! I am tanned and relaxed, and I finally feel unencumbered enough to get back to work on the various projects on my personal to do list.

Project #1 - WRITE. I can work on my novel, write a few days worth of memiors about my trip, write a few short stories, some blogs, whatever. I just want to get back in the groove and take advantage of the time I have this summer.

I did very little writing in Spain, mainly because the hub and I spent most of the time on the move. Very little time was spent sitting in one place. And on the few occasions when we were not looking for something to do, to eat, or for a way back to the hotel, I was reading a book. For more months than I care to count, I haven't had leisure time to read a book unrelated to school, so it was a welcomed experience. Now it's time to get back to work!

Project #2 - PREPARE. Summer classes start in less than a month, and I have an entirely different subject matter that I'm teaching for the first time. This will be the test of my ability to teach for real, since this is not a topic with which I am familiar.
Project #3 - PLANT. My yard is still an overgrown mess. I didn't plant anything prior to my trip for fear that they would die while I was away. So I need to get some veggies in the ground if I plan to have any type of harvest by September.
Project #4 - RELAX. It is summer and that is what I plan to do. There is no reason for me to continue with the crazy pace I had been following. I am declaring the rest of this month as ME time.
And that's all for now. Hasta!