Friday, October 21, 2005

Catching Up

I am really tired, so hopefully what I want to say will make sense. It has been weeks since I last logged a blog (funny ha) and I think it is a sign that this is either becoming a hobby or a habit.

I've been away for so long because my schedule is so tight that I barely have time to sleep. I should be asleep right now. There were so many ideas in the past few weeks, but now they are gone, so I thought that I would jot down a few here, and maybe I'll come back later on to see which ones are interesting. Here goes:

- The people on the local morning radio are idiots. This is why I like NPR. Some day, I'll join so that I won't continue to feel guilty about listening and not being a member.

- This morning, they were discussing the new dress code for the NBA, and then had the nerve to act surprised because several people called in and offered no sympathy for the whining millionaires who are complaining about wearing a suit to work.

- Then I spent most of the day at a sandwich shop and got treated very well by the staff. People can be very nice sometimes. I should have tipped him.

- Then I taught my class. I was a wreck this semester. In between the crazy commute and the blank stares, I guess I did okay.

- I bought some books with my educator's discount the other day at Borders (yes, I have ID to prove it, so I took the discount and the free coffee too). Then after reading one of the books I got, I decided to return it.

- In reading that paragraph again, I realize that I just read an entire book in less than one night... It's true, I really did that.

- On my way back home, I got stuck in traffic. There had been an accident, but thankfully no one looked hurt. People drive way too fast these days. That is why I drive a lot slower, even in the left hand lane.

- The other day, I finally saw the red fox that lives in my neighborhood. What was he doing in my neighbor's yard? Does he hunt at night, and if so, what does he kill?

- I haven't seen any deer in my neighborhood lately. Maybe the fox chased them away. I have seen rabbits, though. Do foxes eat rabbits?

- I saw one of my favorite movies tonight, "love jones". Have I thanked God enough for cable yet?

OK, now I'm really tired and I'm going to bed. Nighty-night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just a Quick Word from the Sponsor

It is late and I am really tired. I am swamped with work, and this week looks to be a doozy.

The two things I need are in short supply: time and money.

I need time to sort through the mess of a life that I am currently leading. I have papers to grade, comments to read through, chapters to read, and that is just what I have to do for tomorrow. I also have discovery to submit for the client who only hears every third word that I say to him. I still don't believe he's heard me, even though I've tried to make the third word count.

I need money to pay for the mess I've gotten my life into. Sallie Mae keeps coming up with new ways to upset me, yet she also keeps finding ways not to charge me late fees, so I shouldn't be too mad at her. She's only doing her job. No one told me to buy this fancy education.

Time and money. Money and time. And then there is sleep...