Thursday, April 28, 2011


I could not wait to write this...but if I did not know this previously, I am convinced that Barack Obama is an f-ing genius!

Yesterday, with the predictable fallout and hand-wringing over the release of his birth certificate to silence his critics, we all got hyped over the fact that he had to prove what we already knew.  And we were mad that he had to prove anything.  And while we all know that they will never accept his legitimacy and that there could be a range of reasons why (including race, fear of Islam, stupidity, etc.)...I just had an epiphany.

The birth certificate release was not done to silence the critics.  It was done to rally the troops.


I've been blogging up a storm!  I think that the two weeks I had no computer access caused a backlog of ideas in my head, and now everything is just pouring out like water.

I wrote yesterday over at the BBW blog about fried chicken, then I chickened out and did not publicize it...dunno why except maybe it took me soooo long to finish that it was Thursday and so the point was lost.  Not that I was ashamed of what I wrote, but I think that my perfectionism makes it hard for me to just blog and go.  If I had done that, then I doubt the piece would have been all that good, but as it stands, I have no idea if anyone will think anything of it now.

However, I like the fact that my blog gets regular readers.  And I really like having this on the side to have as an outlet for everything else I am thinking.  I did not write here about some of the recent developments in my life yet, but it has been great to have this space as a security blanket of sorts whenever I feel like I have something to say, but am not quite sure whether it needs to be public (which of course it is...but not that public).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dump Trump, Bale on Palin and other Nonsense

Not that it is a surprise to anyone who knows me, but Donald Trump has gotten me so angry with his idiocy in the past couple of weeks!  I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to write about it...(of course, life intervened, so here is my belated take on the Dumpster and his foolishness) and in advance, please accept my apologies since this has all been dying to come out!

My quibble with Donald the Dump is that he is a mean person.  Meanness works in America, especially now that everyone is on the we-hate-poor-people-whose-endless-neediness-makes-it-hard-for-me-to-pretend-to-ignore-their-existence bandwagon.  I am ashamed to admit that I too had a flash of that sentiment this past week out in California.  I complained to the husband about the aggressiveness of the homeless people...and in hindsight, I feel like an ass.

And my remorse stands in stark constrast to the Dumpster--he never feels anything but reinvigorated by his constant denigrations of people.  Remember how he treated his so-called friend Martha Stewart after the failure of her spin-off "Apprentice"?  Then he was ultra mean to Rosie O'Donnell and while she is no shrinking violet, I definitely remember how his relentless vitriol against her practically sent her over the edge.  Now that he wants to generate ratings for his tired show, he takes aim at President Obama, which is fair game since well, that's politics.  But then he's been locked and loaded to shoot at anyone who has deigned to call him out--first it was Bill Cosby, followed by Jerry Seinfeld, and I suspect that in a few weeks, he will have insulted more people than a foul odor.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Look Out Below

So I did something today that will either turn out to be very smart or very stupid in a few short weeks.

I took a leap of faith.  And right now, I must still be in the clouds where everything looks fine.  But check me again in a few weeks when the altitude has changed.

Long story short, I made an investment in a business venture to see if this idea I have been nurturing for the past few months can earn me some cash.  Not a whole lot of cash is at stake, but the goal is to see if the concept can grow into something profitable.